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Northeast Georgia Possum Control

Possum Removal in Northeast Georgia

Possums are the only marsupials to inhabit North America. These animals can grow to be the size of a large housecat, with claws that are perfect for digging and burrowing. Typically, possums like to dig under structures, which can include your home, deck, foundation, or sidewalks, in an attempt to find dark and cool shelter. This can cause extreme damage to your home.

With possum removal for Northeast Georgia and the nearby areas, American Pest Control helps homeowners protect their property from the negative effects of these nocturnal creatures. Because they are a danger to your home, as well as to the health of your family, you don't want to let possums go unchallenged in your environment.

Northeast Georgia: Opossum Trapping
Traditionally known as opossums, these sometimes aggressive animals have a tendency to attack when feeling threatened. With sharp teeth, long claws, and the ability to spray foul-smelling liquid, similar to skunks, opossums can be a threat to you, your family members, and pets. With the presence of these animals also come risks to your health.

As a popular target for fleas, a number of harmful infections can easily be transferred to anyone in your home. The waste of the opossum can also carry diseases that sometimes prove fatal to humans. American Pest Control offers residents of Northeast Georgia opossum trapping that is reliable and humane. We guarantee to capture every opossum on your property, including babies, and safely relocate them to a new environment where they are released into the wild.

Complete Possum Control - Northeast Georgia
Possums have the ability to reproduce every 3 weeks and can have up to 20 babies at one time. Many attics become the new home for these mother possums and their new offspring. With a number of pests chewing and scratching their way through your home, you can face costly repairs in order to return your home to its original state.

With possum control from Northeast Georgia pest control company American Pest Control, we not only trap and remove the pests from your property, but we also alter your structure and environment to make it less appealing for any visiting wildlife in the future.

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