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Northeast Georgia Rodent Control

Rodent Removal in Northeast Georgia

Here at American Pest Control we are family owned and operated Northeast Georgia Pest Control Company -- we know what matters most to families. Our #1 priority is the safety of you and your family. When you become a client you become our family and we treat your home as we treat our home, nothing less.

No matter your rodent we are confident we will be able to handle all your rodent problems no matter how big or small. Give us a call today to schedule a Free Estimate!

Northeast Georgia Rodent Control
Rodents like field mice, house mice, pack rats, Norway rats, and roof rats are often quite a nuisance when they invade your home or property. Often destructive to building and vegetation, rodent infestations can be a real concern for your health. Their nests and droppings can cause severe allergic reactions and are known for carrying disease-causing bacteria.

American Pest Control's professionals are experienced in helping you rid your home of these relentless rodents.

Rodent Control Services

  • Live Traps
  • Poison Bait Traps
  • Snap Traps
  • Long-term extermination plans

Think you have a rodent problem? Give us a call today and we will help eliminate your rodent problem.

Wildlife Prevention Tips

  • Maintain a clean and dry crawlspace/attic
  • Store your food away in sealed airtight containers
  • Perform regular inspections on your roof to spot repairs and water damage
  • Ensure that your vents and exhaust fans are properly sealed- Prune tree limbs and branches to prevent unwanted debris
  • Apply a sealant near window and door openings/cracks
  • Secure your waste in a safe position away from easy access to wildlife

Depend on us

  • Free Wildlife Inspections for Your Home or Business
  • Warranties on Services Rendered
  • A Certified, Drug Free Work Environment
  • Uniformed Professional Technicians With Clearly Marked Utility Vehicles
  • Consistent High Level of Service